Welcome to Oakland Acupuncture Project!

As of April 2nd 2020, we are temporarily closed. We look forward to re-opening next month.

The purpose of Oakland Acupuncture Project is to make Chinese Medicine accessible by providing affordable community-centered health care. All acupuncture treatments are individualized to meet your needs, and are performed in a quiet community space.

We charge on a sliding scale: $15-35

You decide what you can afford. We will NEVER make you prove your income level. We want you to come often enough to really get better, and the sliding scale is our way of helping you make that commitment. There is an additional $15 paperwork fee for your first appointment. Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early for your initial visit to complete the new patient forms. Cash or check only. We have a strict 12-hour cancellation policy.

Contact Information:

OAP Laurel Avenue
3576 Laurel Ave.
Oakland, CA 94602
(510)842 – 6350
OAP Grand Avenue
440 Santa Clara Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 999 – 4627


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Jeff on Weathering the Shelter-in-Place Order

OAP: What are up to during the shelter in place?

Jeff: Mostly, abiding. I’ve been attempting some homeschooling for my kids while my wife works from home, which is really interesting and challenging, and does not come at all naturally to me. And, lots of gardening, It’s quiet in my garden and easy to stay 6 feet away from everyone.

OAP: What have you been enjoying the most about this time?

Jeff: The clean air. And, baking lots of desserts. In fact, I baked so many desserts, my kids, who are too busy eating brownies and chocolate chip cookies, forgot we had a pumpkin pie and I’m eating that all by myself. Yum!

OAP: What is something funny that’s happened during the last two weeks?

Jeff: Well, when I actually manage to teach my kids something while homeschooling, I point finger guns at them and yell, “You’ve been dad schooled!” Also, every day, for about 45 minutes we do vigorous exercise that we call Physical Education With Dad. The kids like that the acronym spells PEWD.

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