Easy Cards for Sale during COVID-19

We’re selling easy cards, A.K.A. pre-paid treatment cards, once again. Except, there are no actual cards right now because we made it all contactless and electronic. To maintain our contactless system, we have two options for payment.

Option One: A Check. Put a check in our payment box. Make sure to write what kind of card (5 or 10 treatments) you wish to purchase on the memo line of the check. 

Payment for Easy Card paid by check:
5 card is $100 to $200 sliding scale
10 card is $200 to $400 sliding scale 


Option Two: Paypal. paypal.me/acupunctureproject Use our paypal link to pay for an easy card. We share our paypal account with our sister clinic in Sacramento, so you’ll notice it says Sacramento Acupuncture Project on the page, but don’t worry, we talk to them all the time, and they’ll let us know you’ve purchased a card. You’ll also notice that the price for an Easy Card on Paypal is more than for a check. This is to offset the fees that paypal charges us and the administrative costs of processing those payments. 

Payment for Easy Card paid by Paypal:
5 card is $110 to $210 sliding scale
10 card is $210 to $410 sliding scale

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