Welcome Kenzie Rubin, LAc.

 As with many acupuncturists, I came to Chinese Medicine having experienced the healing effects first hand. As a teenager, acupuncture helped me find relief from many of my own health issues, from carpal tunnel syndrome to chronic nausea. I was so impressed with the results that I knew I wanted to help others the way I was. After moving from Philadelphia to the Bay Area, I decided to change the focus of my studies from classical music composition to Traditional Chinese Medicine. My areas of interest include women’s health, mental health,  and digestive issues. With the understanding that a balanced life is a healthy life, I still find time to play cello and guitar, go on runs with my German Shepherd, play basketball, and enjoy the natural beauty that the Bay Area generously provides.

Welcome Rebeca, Our New Massage Therapist

I’m humbled and delighted to bring my healing touch and movement practice to the Oakland Acupuncture Project community.  I enter the community with over 17 years as a practicing Massage Therapist, and 12 years as a teacher and therapist of Acu-Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.  I aim to develop a symbiotic relationship with you, the client, crafting each session to meet the unique needs of every body, mind and spirit. Drawing upon both ancient and modern healing touch traditions, I intuitively meld Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Shiatsu modalities to create a relaxing and harmonious experience. I delight in guiding people to reunite with their Breathe, and cultivate an awe and gratitude for the lessons our bodies teach us.  I open doors on Monday December 2nd by appointment only, and will gradually move into certain set days for low income sliding scale sessions.  Please communicate  out via text or call to book your session and don’t hesitate to reach out with ANY questions.
      70 min “hour” -$130        90 min – $145