Welcome Ruben Bomse

I came to this medicine first as a patient, amazed and puzzled by the different ways I was helped. After many years of experiencing relief and more ease in my body, curiosity of the how and why turned into formally studying East Asian medicine. I believe our bodies and communities are angling to heal and be held; I love the access community acupuncture provides so that this can happen for folks, in large and small ways. I’ve lived in the Bay Area nearly all my life, and I can’t see myself anywhere else. Nature with my dog and partner keep me grounded; books and podcasts give my mind something to chew on; and moments of liveliness are what I’m after.  

Jeff on Getting Acupuncture with Family

For the most part, it was a pretty normal day at the OAP Grand Lake clinic. My father was visiting from out of town. I was working, but mentioned that he could come in for an acupuncture treatment at the end of my shift. When I finished work, we could hang out; maybe go for a walk to the lake or something. He took me up on my offer. Within minutes, he was totally passed out. My shift came to an end. Lori came in and started working. I tidied up and did all my chart notes. My father was still very asleep. I saw a gap in Lori’s schedule and plugged myself in. While I am always working on getting better sleep, I figured I’d also ask for a few needles to be more patient with my father. I sat in the chair next to him so that if he woke up he’d know where I was. Lori plugged me and asked me if I had a wake up time. I told her to get me up whenever my father woke up. Soon I was asleep, too.

I didn’t know it, but in the meantime, my wife and my daughter also scheduled two last minute appointments. They came in while I was asleep and quietly set up a nest of pillows blankets in the chair across from me. My daughter was in pre-school and still very little at the time. When my wife and I would bring her in for acupuncture, we would have her sitting on our laps and we’d have a nice long snuggle to go with our acu-nap.

When I woke up, there were 3 generations of my family in the room with me: My father, my wife, and my daughter. It warmed my heart to know that we were all peacefully sharing space together. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much silence and peace with so much family around. It was truly a magical moment.

January 2019 Bring a Buddy Special: Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for the Two for Twenty

One of the great benefits of community acupuncture is that treatments can be shared with your family and friends. We are happy to encourage this with our January “Bring a Buddy” special. However, every year, this special brings up some questions and complications. With everyone coming in pairs, it can create a little bit of chaos. We work really hard to do as many treatments as we do, and we always need to know what is going on: who is coming in and what they are coming in for. When people drop in for our bring a buddy special, it makes our job unmanageable. So, it is essential to schedule two consecutive appointments.

Q: We heard about the special and we’d like to just drop in whenever. Is that cool?

A: No. Appointments are essential for this special so that we can adequately manage the flow of people without sacrificing quality of care. Also, no appointment means no discount.


Q: I’m coming in with my friend. Do I have to schedule two appointments?

A: Yes! Everyone who is coming in should have a scheduled appointment to qualify for the special. If you do not schedule two consecutive appointments, you and your friend do not qualify for the special.


Q: My friend doesn’t have an account in Schedulicity. Can I schedule for them?

A: Sure. What you can do is schedule two consecutive appointments under your own name. When you are scheduling the 2nd appointment, there is a space in Schedulicity to make a note. Here you can let us know who you are bringing in with you.


Q: My friend is new to the clinic , but I am a follow up. How should I schedule?

A: Schedule one “Follow up visit: rest as long as you like” and one “First Visit: please allow 1.5 hours.” Make sure to arrive 10 minutes early for your friend to fill out the new patient paperwork.


Q: Is my friend’s first visit only $10 too?

A: No. For 1st time appointments during the special we waive the $15 paperwork fee, but the $15-35 sliding scale cost still applies.  


Q: I have an easy card. Do I have to use it during the special?

A: No. If you are bringing a buddy, feel free to pay the $10.


Q: I don’t see two consecutive appointment open on the schedule. I see two appointments but they are separated by a chunk of time. Can we just schedule for two appointments at different times and come in whenever?

A: No. Please don’t do that. We are working as fast as we can. If there is only one appointment open on the scheduler, it means we only have time to do one acupuncture treatment. If two people come in at that time, we will likely fall behind. This means that other people will be waiting because we were struggling to accomodate you.


Q: Can we pay together?

A: Totally! Pop an unfolded twenty in a manila payment envelope with both your names written on a tab of paper and you’re all set.