Trager Bodywork with Deirdre Hormel

Deirdre Hormel offers Trager bodywork in the same building as our Grand Ave clinic.  The Trager approach offers “psycho-physical integration” through movement education.  Gentle rocking movements are used to explore your range of motion and stimulate the brain to a greater awareness and knowledge of how to move muscles more easily.  The result is freer and easier body movement and reduced pain.  This approach can be especially beneficial for neuromuscular conditions and is widely used for stroke rehabilitation, MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and disc injuries as well as general pain relief and relaxation. Trager is new to me, but I can report that after my first session I definitely noticed increased ease and joy in movement, and I’m curious to explore this modality further as a way of becoming more present in my body and recovering that innate love of movement that I had as a child.  Call Deirdre at (707) 529-2819 to schedule an appointment!

Affordable Chiropractic Care!

Robert Townsend D.C. has graciously offered to discount his services for our OAP community.  Please mention you are an OAP patient and you will be able to receive a $50 initial visit. This will include a complete assessment and a chiropractic adjustment.  All follow up visits/adjustments will be just $40!  Dr. Townsend is conveniently located in the same building as our Grand Avenue location.  He can be found at 3718 Grand Ave. suite 3. Schedule online or call 510-708-9363.

In our experience chiropractic care and acupuncture treatments work very well together.  It is common for people who are able to utilize both modalities to feel better quicker and stay better longer!

Shop Dimond!

Oakland’s Dimond district is a vibrant and diverse community with tons of great local businesses to choose from.  Let’s keep it that way by buying local whenever we can! Check out this website to find information on businesses, events, and business opportunities in the neighborhood.