“Community Acupuncture: A Non-Consumptive Healthcare Model”

Check out this great article on community acupuncture from The Post Growth Institute: “There is a silent revolution in healthcare emerging in the United States. Based on a tradition that boasts a several thousand-year history, the community acupuncture movement is pioneering a non-consumptive healthcare model that brings people together to promote human well-being in an affordable way. There is an implied class-consciousness involved in the proliferation of these clinics. Practitioners are motivated by the belief that acupuncture is effective and should be made as widely available as possible…” The author does a great job of outlining how community acupuncture clinics are changing healthcare by breaking down social and economic barriers to care- and he even mentions OAP!

OAP Nominated for Oakland Indie Award!

OAP has been nominated for an Oakland Indie Award in the Social Changemaker category!  The awards ceremony will be held on May 30 and is open to the public.  You can get more info and tickets here.  Come on out to support OAP and the many other fabulous local business that have been nominated this year- it should be lots of fun!