Testimonial – Rachel

Oakland Acupuncture ProjectOakland Acupuncture Project has become a haven for me, a place that I know I can go to receive consistent caring health care. All of the practitioners have been attentive to helping me maintain healthy sleep and manage migraines. Also, they have welcomed my children, gently moving them from scraping to taking needles, alleviating their struggles with asthma. I am grateful to have OAP as an affordable resource for my family.


Testimonial – Kim G.

Oakland Acupuncture ProjectI have been a patient at the Oakland Acupuncture Project for three years. The acupuncture treatments have been very effective in relieving the arthritis pain in my hip and shoulder.  Acupuncture is also great for relieving stress.  I am grateful an affordable drug-free treatment is available for these chronic conditions.
-Kim G.

Testimonial – Anne Marie Davis

Oakland Acupuncture ProjectI love coming to Oakland Acupuncture project and falling asleep in the chair. The practitioners are all caring, very competent, and professional. I have had some long time ailments for 20+ years that are doing a slow but steady vanishing act.  At first I thought it was weird, then I was amazed, now I am grateful. Very grateful.

-Anne Marie Davis; poet, painter, writer