Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our hours of operation are a little more volatile. For up-to-date hours please access our online scheduling program.

Please see the coronavirus policies and procedures poster below for information on how you can help us keep our clinic safe for all.  

Here Is What We Are Doing:

Breath of Fresh Air

  • We currently have multi-action air purifiers (HEPA, UV, Charcoal filters) running on full blast, in every room, all day long.  
  • When weather and smoke permits, the Laurel / Diamond clinic keeps it’s doors and windows open to let in fresh outdoor air.
  • The Grand Lake clinic is pumping fresh outdoor air in through the AC unit above the entrance.
  • We have fans going in every room to circulate the fresh air we are bringing in, and move more air through the purifiers.  Fans are positioned in such a way as to not blow air across one patient towards another.
  • Everyone who enters the clinic must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth, so this should be keeping most of their cooties contained.

Time and Space

  • All chairs are spaced at least 7 feet apart, but most are more than this.
  • We have limited the amount of time any patient can spend in the clinic to 45 min.  This is partially due to us not having as many chairs in circulation, but we also want to limit any possible exposure time.
  • Acupuncturists are keeping our distance while doing your intake.  We are sitting closer to your feet than your head while we quickly chat.  If we do any head or ear points we are in and out like lightning, and if you would prefer not to have any of these points, we are cool with that too.
  • No more hanging out in the lobby.  This is a quick in and out situation.  Thanks to all our wonderful patients who arrive right on time!
  • Bathrooms are for urgent use only.

Can’t Touch This

  • We have eliminated all unnecessary touch points in the clinic. You can pretty much walk into the clinic and touch nothing but the chair that you sit in.  The few touchpoints that remain are getting wiped down regularly with an EPA approved cleaner.
    • Doors are open, pens and payment envelopes are gone, blankets and pillows……sad to say, those are gone too.
  • And speaking of chairs, each chair gets a full cleaning between each patient
    • At laurel we wipe down the armrests and chair locks and set out a fresh clean sheet between patients
    • At grand we wipe down the entire vinyl chair cover with that EPA approved cleaner

Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs (one thumb, one thumb drumming on a drum)

  • We have hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE, and your acupuncturists are using it like it’s going out of fashion.  Like, literally before we touch or do anything.  And patients are required to use it too, right when they walk in the door.
  • Hand Washing, yup we are doing that too, whenever we leave the treatment room.