Sound Healing and Massage

Sound Healing

Joy Evans, MSW (she/her/hers)

“Grounded in joy, moving with love, planting peace.” This is my personal mantra and how I aspire to live.  The first time I heard crystal singing bowls I was mesmerized. Sound healing has been an entry point for me to address deep grief and old traumas that were being held inside my body. I first added singing bowls into my life as a wedding gift between my wife and I, but many bowls have followed since. Each bowl I play is infused with precious metals and crystals that have uplifting properties like: abundance of love, dolphin flow, Yin/Yang balance, overcoming abuse, and attuning to your spiritual purpose. When I play alchemy crystal singing bowls I focus my energy on supporting you connecting to your body to facilitate gentle understanding and communication, self-compassion, and emotional healing.

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Our Massage Therapist, Ranjot Skywalker, moved to a new local office! To schedule with him, please visit or call him directly at 510-485-4852.

We currently do NOT have massage. Please check back soon.