Jeff on Weathering the Shelter-in-place Order. Part 2

OAP: What have you been doing that has kept you calm and happy?

Jeff: Gardening. I have a derelict space behind my apartment building, that my neighbor and I reclaimed and turned into a garden. Everything is blooming and sprouting. I take my kids out there so we can sit in the sun and pick wildflowers and search for bugs.


OAP: Do you have any good shows or movies that you have been watching?

Jeff: My wife and I have been re-watching the show 30 Rock after the kids go to bed. We’re in season 6. It holds up. With our kids we’ve been watching old movies from our childhood: right now we’re on Back to the Future 2. Great Scott!


OAP: Have you cooked anything tasty lately?

Jeff: Blueberry Apple Pie.


OAP: What do you miss about doing acupuncture in the clinic?


Jeff: Mostly the people. I also miss getting a sweet treat at the Wild Rabbit Bakery around the corner from the clinic on Thursday mornings.


Jeff on Weathering the Shelter-in-Place Order

OAP: What are up to during the shelter in place?

Jeff: Mostly, abiding. I’ve been attempting some homeschooling for my kids while my wife works from home, which is really interesting and challenging, and does not come at all naturally to me. And, lots of gardening, It’s quiet in my garden and easy to stay 6 feet away from everyone.

OAP: What have you been enjoying the most about this time?

Jeff: The clean air. And, baking lots of desserts. In fact, I baked so many desserts, my kids, who are too busy eating brownies and chocolate chip cookies, forgot we had a pumpkin pie and I’m eating that all by myself. Yum!

OAP: What is something funny that’s happened during the last two weeks?

Jeff: Well, when I actually manage to teach my kids something while homeschooling, I point finger guns at them and yell, “You’ve been dad schooled!” Also, every day, for about 45 minutes we do vigorous exercise that we call Physical Education With Dad. The kids like that the acronym spells PEWD.

Kelsey on Weathering the Shelter-In-Place Order

OAP: What are you up to during the shelter in place?
Kelsey: Mostly training and exercising my nerd muscles. I have been binge watching Star Trek, reading the wheel of time series, and doing classes online. I’ve also been cooking some mean meals, playing lots of board games and doing puzzles. Also I think I’ve seen everything the Internet has to offer. My garden is super thriving and my little tomato plant has doubled in size! My jasmine is blooming and the scent is absolutely intoxicating.OAP: What have you been enjoying the most about this time?

Kelsey: No alarm clocks or bedtimes, and not knowing what day it is. I’m trying to learn to appreciate how free my time is, I’m mostly fighting my type A self who is always telling me to be productive and instead learning to relax and let go of things I can’t control.

OAP: What is something funny that’s happened during the last two weeks?

Kelsey: So many things I can’t keep track of. My partner and I do our best to be ridiculously silly, such as, hiding under the bed or behind the couch and jumping out to scare each other. Sometimes our hiding places aren’t that great.

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